Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blog 107: Patience

Blog 107: PATIENCE

The ideal of Patience has been running around my head as of late…I have been yearning to write this blog for some time…but I have been so busy…it started to frustrate me…my lack of solitude and rest…my need to have the ability to focus eloquently…sometimes you just got to wait that shit out…

My dictionary says the definition of Patience is:

“Calm endurance of hardship…Tolerant perseverance…The capacity for calm self-possessed waiting…”

As I stare down at the word PATIENCE in the dictionary and admire the words that match it’s meaning…what draws me close to the word is the strength attached to such a delicate script. While it seems soft and quiet as letters lined together…it’s meaning holds power and reverence as well as leads to calmness and serenity.

As a Princess…it is everything I hope to be.

What a powerful virtue Patience is.

As my birthday passed and I move into what I believe is my holy year of 33…I ponder my missions I hope to accomplish…things I wish to change…the person I hope to be…the shedding of the still bound cocoon of self-doubt that has not allowed me to be truly free or acutely me.

Patience, forbearance, fortitude…self-controlled submission is my wish for this year.

The ability to let the breath complete its journey.

To surrender and believe what shall be…will be.

Giving myself true tenacity and faith in the outcome.

I feel like patience and faith go hand in hand.

To have the complete trust and confidence that everything happens for a reason…

As I get older I have realized that the things that I don’t have to wait out, the things that come easy and require no determination are the things that let me down…that bring no real satisfaction….

Yet the things I strive for over time…that I don’t settle for…that for so long, I simply gaze in admiration for…with a baited breath of fortitude…that take years of work….and bring me to tears of longing from time to time…are the things that not only quench my thirst once finally accomplished…but are also the ignition to my fire of inspiration.

If I lack patience…I am void of my ability to see the whole picture…I become so zeroed in one aspect…that what I have conviction is the answer, I am blind to see is only the question.

Sometimes my mind moves so fast and it just wants and wants and wants…I don’t give it enough room to ponder what it needs…how my wants might actually be inner battles I should face…to make space for potential in need of a place to roam.

After all…I have always been more of a walker than a runner…maybe it is required I teach my desires that pace as well.

So this year I will be the best Princess that I can be…and simply follow that creed.

And remind myself constantly that I can’t see it all…but it will unfold…one day at a time.



(***Princess views***…while this is the dance move of the week, may I on a personal note say that I do not believe in men having hard hair…I have a saying, “If the hair is crusty or greasy…so is the dude”…but a dance move is a dance move no less.)

All right…so start grooving…now pull out your hair gel…go old school and use the one that comes in a little jar (you can wash it out and use it for your nuggets when it is empty…twofer!)…unscrew the lid…go three fingers deep in that action…and rub your hand together…make sure you get the goo moving…now take both hands and slick back your hair on each side at least three times, really following the curve of your head…give yourself a finger comb on the top and a little “pouted lip affect” for an added bonus and keep grooving down…you might need to wash your hands afterwards…just saying.