Monday, November 25, 2013

Blog 111: So Many Roads (Lessons on my Path to being a Queen: Part III)

Blog 111: So Many Roads (Lessons on my Path to being a Queen: Part III)

The Lessons I have learned along this path before are Blogs 9 & 29…as well as the heart of most of the blogs I write.

I am acutely aware that I still have a vast mountain to climb before at last I can rest wearily upon my throne…I am no where near the summit…yet I still bask in the risen light…as I stumble blindly along the path, the paragons I have accepted throughout my journey bring me energy and a will of vitality.

I witness the years fly by like the parrots over Telegraph. As I forge towards my destiny I hold close the lessons that have ushered me to this night camp…to rest and reflect back on the metamorphism I have begun and the thoughts I wish to share…

(Please Note: I started to write this Blog and had to go back and make sure that instead of talking about everyone in general, I just talked about me, I need to use “I” more…for one of the many lessons I have learned…is one should only talk about one’s own feelings…for those are the ones we utter with truth.)

So here are more of my lessons, on my path, to being my Queen…

-There is no point in pretending that I know how shit is going to turn out…and if it does turn out the way I have always lacks a certain satisfaction of the unknown and the mystery.

-Telling the truth is way less complex than lies…with so much going on in my life, being honest is so much more easier to recall….and short-term memory loss is totally an issue…

-Hanging out with myself is time that I cherish…The art of being by oneself and truly enjoying it is something I believe we should all master…there is a Zen & an elegance to solitude.

-Music heals all pain (Especially Donny Hathaway) but when it comes to matters of the heart…sometimes I just got to shop to dull the hurt.

-There is a joy in labor found…and we all have to work…so we might as well enjoy it!

-It will all work out, it always does…the way it was suppose to.

-My farts do smell bad…this lesson sucks…and stinks.

-The really really awesome shit that happens, usually comes from the biggest pile of shit…and if life was always brilliant, I would not see the contrast of the light and dark...and its divine simplicity.

-It is better to be kind than to be right. (trust me…swallow those mean words…and let the petty shit go…some stuff just is not worth the time and negative energy)

-I should drink more water…

-Alcohol and parting can cause miscommunications.

-It doesn’t matter who the fuck you are…you can be the greatest musician, a scientist, a server or a random person on the corner….ain’t no one is fucking better or should be treated any different than anyone else…and I will tell that straight to your face no matter who you are…

-That saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t, don’t say anything at all.” Is a really fucking hard rule to follow…but man if I do…no one can really say anything bad about me.

-The truth doesn’t always sound nice…but it feels fucking great to say..sometimes adding words like "totally" & "awesomeness" can dull the blow and help the understanding begin...totally.

-What is my truth, someone might not understand, revere its relevance or understand its valor…which is why the truth is mine and no one elses.

-In allowing a friend/family a mistake…I give acceptance for them to do the same to me.

-Forgiveness is sometimes a hard act to fufill…but helps focus my attention on things I should be focused on and not the silly stuff.

-Someone else’s problem with someone, has nothing the fuck to do with me or anyone else…that issue needs to stay between those peeps…and I need to stay away (Unless violence is going down…in which case…GLITTER BOMB to confuse everyone.)

-Money comes and goes, if I work my ass off and am a good person…shit will be all right.

-My Mom and Dad are right about shit 102% of the time.

-If I had the patience to let things unfold, I wouldn’t have to dream….just believe.

-Breathing helps a lot.

-Being self-conscious is stupid…I just need to rock that shit out.

-Talking in a calming manner is always crucial, people will listen better, and if I feel the need to yell…I just might want to leave. (Yelling is not attractive.)

-Being strong 24/7 is impossible.

-My eyes are the most green when I cry…I think they are the most beautiful then.

-When having an important talk…walking always helps…I am moving in a forward direction.

-I live a blessed a life…shit could be a hella lot worse….like what if I lived in Florida…yikes!

-Family is the most important thing in my life, whether it is the bond I form with my blood, my friends or within myself.

-Sacrifices have long-term benefits.

-Life can be short….so I need to trust my gut, believe in my feelings and don’t let a damm thing get in my way…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

-I would not get anywhere if I did not try and give it all my effort.

-Risks can feel like jumping off a cliff….so make sure the water is deep enough, there are no rocks underneath and pray for a graceful landing and jump baby!

-Rainbows are awesome & so are you!

-Unicorns do exist (even if only in my mind…and if Noah had collected them like God had asked for in the "Arc Song" they would be running around playing their silly little games in plan sight!)

-Glitter makes almost anything look better…almost anything.

-Not everyone is as fond of glitter as I am….I am still really shocked by this.

-Dudes that don’t have an actual pillowcase or real sheet are not my cup of tea.

-Finding what you like is not about one being picky, but an inner honesty that we all should address…our ways and thoughts don’t necessary need to have reason…they might not be thought out….they just are what one finds comfort in…nothing really else matters.

-Tie-Dye is the shit. (Wearing rainbows encourages smiles!)

-I always make sure that those who helped pave my way are taken care of before I am…they have earned that right…so many people today forget respect for the ones that have come before you…that have helped us get to where we are…never forget!

-Some people I will never understand…and some people will never get me…I need to be nice and move on…Me being me (awesomeness) all the time is the only thing that can really change people’s pre-conceived notions…besides, who really gives a shit about what someone that doesn’t know you thinks.

-Procrastination is my greatest fault…as I think about what I really regret…it is the time I did not spend in action, trying to move my dreams forward.

-I change and evolve everyday…I must have hope and faith that everyone is on the same path to righteousness…our roads are all many, simply not all the same.

-The goal to everyday should be AWESOMENESS…to fulfill it to ever part of its meaning and capacity…one is able to do that through seeing the good in the bad…the sparkle in the muted, the color in the gray…the root of being awesomeness lies within the understanding that we and everything in its own right is AWESOME.

-To be happy is both a hard and easy thing…it is what I should concentrate the most on…for when I am truly happy I am floored at the power of my light.

-A smile can break down a thousand walls.

-If I never get to being a Queen…it is cool…cause my Road is the most beautiful road for me.



All right in all honesty I have no idea why it took me so freaking long to think of this dance move, must have been the “Arc” line.

Now this dance move is mostly for stealing joints and bumping butts!

Start by raising your right arm and having it extend from you nose…take you left arm behind you and make a small “swooshing” tail. Start to walk forward tossing your butt from side to side and walking in a stumbling fashion (people may think you are loaded, shocking…but in reality you are clearing a path for the peeps behind you.) Stretch your neck out and really let your arm/trunk fly….stamp your feet, shake your head and turn into a “sassy” elephant for a second…then with your trunk grab a joint that is about to passed and start smoking it…if the person gives you shit…turn back into “sassy” elephant and toke it down!