Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blog 103: There is Always Room for another Princess

Blog 103: There is Always Room for another Princess

There is always room for another Princess…in fact, I cherish meeting one…an independent woman, full of nobility, laughter, pride and strength.

My kingdom is not threaten by another…My kingdom encourages more Princesses wanting to me Queens…but knowing many lessons must come before assentation is granted.

You can tell when you meet a true Princess…she has a smile upon her face…an emulating grace.

There is a whimsical elegance in her moves, a sexy strut that many are lured to and encompassed by as she continues to saunter through.

A true Princess has sense of peace, a glowing ray of positivity…she is kind and polite and always tries to end any encounter on a good note.

She will state her opinion with a firm formality and hold tight upon her views, yet she realizes once things are said there is no need to try to teach those who desire not to be taught…and that everyone has a right to their opinion.

A true Princess knows she does not know everything.

There is always another seat at the table for a lady that holds her own, that brings more laughter, more perceptions, more diversity and more truth.

A true Princess supports her piers, she brings them together and does not try to tear them apart.

A true Princess shares.

Often she puts aside her differences and takes a breath…and continues on her journey…knowing that her path is her path.

Yes, there is always room for another princess, they are welcome…and should be made to feel so everywhere they go.

There is NO more room for another bitch…nor does anyone want another…this world is full of enough.

Ones that send out negative glares and stares…who talk from a split tongue with no real knowledge behind their words…

The girls that gang up on a lady because their friends say to, or get jealous of the attention a man gives another.

(A true Princess is over the attention of some men…the ones that fawn and touch at drunken times and get in their dancing space…as well as…a true Princess knows that and acknowledges that sometimes it is another’s time to shine, to be loved, to be cherished…sometimes we have to take the back seat…not because our veracity is less…but simply we all have our time and our moment…and while ours might not be today, that does not mean that we cannot relish in our friend’s time.)

There is NOT more room for cattiness and women I call “hoovers” that suck all they can from people…ladies get a job, get your own drugs, learn how to pay for shit...and stop wasting everyone’s time talking trash about action you don’t even know about.

There is ALWAYS room for another Princess that has a good work ethic, a blessed heart and knows her worth a lady.

A true Princess does not judge on the past of others…especially if they have learned from their mistakes…for we have lessons that we need to learn and darkness in our past that make our light shine that much more incandescently

A true Princess demands the best…not for reason of greed or spite…but because she gives the best, she has come to the opinion long ago that anything one does is only worth it...if you do it right.

A true Princess is not afraid to shine…she refuses to cloak her brightness…sometimes when she tilts her head back…beams of sunlight seem to unveil from her being.

A True Princess only uses her light for what is right.

Yes, there is always room for another Princess, another Kingdom that will make this world an even better place…for the Promise Land is not a lonely place...and it was not built in a day, nor by one person or even a pair…it was and is brought to us by many…willing and wanting to bask in the brilliance of one another.


(As a native San Franciscan, I spent my youth during the summers at Camp Mather…we had bears here…I remember a worker there told me to scare a bear away, act like a monkey…cause they have never seen one before...way to inspire a dance!)


This is a two person dance move just to let you all know…first you need the bear (a Foxy Monster hat always helps) so the bear person should put their hands in the air and give out a nice “ROOOOOAAAAARRRRR” and amble towards the other dancer. The “Monkey” then should let out high pitched shrieks and odd noises and start pounding their chest and hopping from side to side and raise their arms and proceed to jump towards the Bear. The bear then gets a confused look on his face, maybe scratch the side of his head…the monkey at this points needs to continue to act like a monkey…maybe claw itself in the armpits and smell and hop around…The Bear…not knowing what the fuck this thing is runs off into the dance floor…leaving the monkey more room to get down!

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