Friday, April 19, 2013

Blog 105: “Change Comes from Within” (Looking in the Mirror, Part I)

Blog 105: “Change Comes from Within” (Looking in the Mirror, Part I)

“I'm Gonna Make A Change, For Once In My Life…
It's Gonna Feel Real Good, Gonna Make A Difference
Gonna Make It Right . . .”

A couple months ago my bosses took me out to dinner…as we walked through crack central we got the usual spare change action…unlike myself, who ambled through not looking up or paying attention, one of my bosses slowed his saunter, looked an asking beggar in the eye…and said the words… “Change Comes from Within.”

I figured he had some serious nuts…but damm…I had no idea they were that big!

Cause what can anyone really say to that…that was some heavy truth that spilled out of his mouth…if I was hiding a crack rock in my mouth that line would have made me sallow it for sure…just saying.

For the truth can make you gulp for a big breath of air.

What I really like about “Change Comes from Within” is that is does not just refer to the figure against the wall with their hand out…it is some advice that we all need scream at ourselves in the mirror.

Everyday…all the time…it is the only way to self-satisfaction.

There are numerous things in this life that make us unhappy or doubtful or weak and the only possible way to fix anything that brings us sorrow or feelings of lacked potential is the effort we make within ourselves.

It is somewhat comical how True Change usually is the result of loss, sorry, and intense humbling….or totally making an ass out of yourself…that one always makes you think…

We can all sit around being pissed and angry with tears rolling down our cheeks…or we can Stand and Walk and Be better people…push ourselves to work harder, to make more efforts, to believe in the good, to come to terms with what we distain about ourselves…and emanate positivity.

No matter what it is in our life that we disagree with, we have the power to change it all.

We just have got to have enough guts to do it.

When you put that kind of responsibility on yourself…and you fulfill your intentions with true action…you inspire others to better themselves…to have faith in the powers we hold within.

And in holding oneself accountable for the gift of change we become more empathetic to other’s faults and short comings…for we have battled wars of the same or different sorts inside ourselves as well…we know how fierce the fight can be…how pillaging of energy the effort is…how sometimes hope can seem so bleak…

How seeing others accomplish their goals ignites a fire of belief.

Change comes from within…no matter what we are not content with…it starts with us.

You don’t like it that someone doesn’t work…or put forth what you think is a good enough effort…work fucking harder…accomplish more for yourself…inspire them…or become to busy to even worry about it.

You don’t like how someone is treating you or someone else…make sure you are nice as fuck to everybody…times 11…go that extra mile for people you don’t even know….cause being good to one another encourages others to be good, even if it never reaches who you want it to reach…it will…there is a ripple…

You don’t like how you look…go stand in front of the looking glass and slap yourself a couple times…cause you have got to believe that you are the shit!

***Changing yourself within is the simple act of Karma coming to Actuality.***

Changing yourself to be the best You that You can be…

Is all the change you need.

…I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways
And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change…”



First you have got to put on you “Daddy is Mad face”…give it a stern look with some tight eyes and one side of your lips ripped back…now hear something…put your hand to you ear so you can catch it all (nothing gets past daddy!) Take two steps forward and start to shake your finger and yell…now take two more steps forward and SPANK SPANK!...cause you know that daddy will spank you if you make him mad!
*** Added moves to the dance include smelling the hand after spanking and/or putting baby powder on the hand before spanking…

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