Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Blog 87: Come and Join the Magnificent Sanctuary Band (Music is My Church, Part IV)

Blog 87: Come and Join the Magnificent Sanctuary Band (Music is My Church, Part IV)

Parts I, II & III of “Music is my Church” are blogs 25, 44, and 78 (and if you haven’t read them, why the hell not people!)

Listening to Donny Hathaway always makes me think….

"There are multitudes of people dying cause they just won't see and try to understand, from the book I read, not one but all must follow, come and join the magnificent sanctuary band."

In recent weeks I have been making more of an effort to be good person.

Not that I didn't try before, or wasn't...But as of late I have been striving to bring a smile to people’s faces as much as possible and to be able to look in the mirror and be at peace with all my actions...and it has been ever so self-satisfying and self-exploring.

And yet I am human, and still faultier…and to be honest…I need a support system…a band as one might say.

After all, “It always seemed to me that my heart was in perfect timing with the big bass drum…remember how you got the code of glory feeling.” (The one that made your heart swell.)

What if we came together, not as just people, but as family...what if instead of bringing each other down, we held on to one another and stepped up?

What if we forgave others, and in turn were able to atone for our own sins?

What if we all made an effort to really make the world a better place?

I don't think I can attach myself to one religion...I kinda feel like I get parts of them all...

Who doesn't want to have faith?

Who doesn't need to believe in something...even if it is simply the power of one's self?

Who doesn't desire someone to wail to in the middle of the night?

Who hasn't gotten down on their knees and begged for mercy?

"There are multitudes of people dying, their temptation hangs over the land, in fact those people should just remember his command, come and join the magnificent sanctuary band."

There are times when I am selfish, and let myself be taken over by desire and want. It is in these hours that I feel a part of me has died. Whittled with guilt or self-despise I torment myself with thoughts that swirl in the sepulcher that can be my mind.

Part of me wonders if I am the only one that feels this?

Not only the pain of letting someone else down, but the failed potential of bringing myself up.

I see a common thread in many religions...BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER...or in Sunny terms, "Don't screw anyone over!"

I know that I myself can get so blinded by things I have no control over...of other people, of life, of actuality...the truth is I need to do the best that I can and let destiny forge the path that I shall walk.

“The Son of Man speaks of Revelations and he's reaching, reaching out his hand, with his promise of salvation, come and join the magnificent sanctuary band.”

I don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring…I don’t really remember everything that happened yesterday…

I am simply acutely aware that Together We Can…and that is all.

I apologize if this blog comes off as “preachy” that is not what I am trying to accomplish.

I feel that “Being Good to One Another” is the root of all happiness…and for me personally, is an ideal that brings me salvation.

And I cannot Walk my Walk alone...I don't want to.

Now come and join the Magnificent Sanctuary Band.



Start by hopping on your horse, this might take someone else giving you a nice footing with their hands and a boost. Now swing that leg over the horse and grab hold of the reigns. Holding the reigns tight, give that horse a little kick and start to hop up and down as the horse starts to gallop…ohhhh, look…a cow that has gone astray (or a hottie, which ever) time to lasso them on in. Holding the reigns with your left hand, grab your rope with the right and twirl it over your head…now let that action fly…wow, that totally went in the wrong direction…but you all get the drift...totally.


  1. this is amazing!!! Thank you for that...

  2. <3 U times a million to the power of infinity!