Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blog 86: The Time has Come (Walking the Walk, Part III)

Blog 86: The Time Has Come...(Walking the Walk, Part III)

(Walking the Walk, Parts I & II are Blogs 26 and 56.)

It was a long-double-kinda Monday…

I have picked up yet another job to try to get my finances in order…and it has been a little grueling, but self-satisfying at the same time.

Monday…is one of my double days…and the “hump day” of my week…and what was suppose to be a slow evening progressed into body slamming busy.

It was the kinda night I would take a cab home not the 45 minutes walk…

Yet as I locked up the restaurant, the wind hit me in a whimsical way, evoking the desire to stroll home…I lit my bowl and tuned into the Mission Station on San Francisco Free TV…never a dull moment...always colorful…and on this channel the smell of tacos way over powered the stench of urine…always a plus.

As I passed a storefront on 17th and Mission, the worker was locking the metal-cage-garage-door-action-ness-thingy…as timing fell I locked into his pace as he departed the store.

“Make sure you walk home safe,” he turned to me and said.

I lifted my hand in the air showing off my already drawn corkscrew and retorted, “I always get home safe.”

Thinking I was brandishing my weapon at him, he put his hand up and leaned towards the building saying, “I mean no harm.”

Knowing he had only meant his words in a kind way, I replied, “No…no…darlin…I simply mean that I live in the tenderloin…and I make sure I am on my toes at all times…I get home just fine…trust me…I know you only meant it to be nice…”

He smiled and asked, “You smoke weed?”

I guess it is that obvious.

“Totally” was my answer.

He then asked if I wanted to smoke…which normally I would say no to…cause I am a picky princess and non-organic pot hurts my sensitive throat (as well as metal bowls…yuck)…but I had a gut feeling that I should converse with this man, so I said, “Sure…why not.”

As we passed his joint back and forth he told me about his life…his jobs, where he was from, where he wanted to go…he stated many times, “There is nothing better than a good conversation.”

And we simply Talked as we Walked for a good ten blocks, bantering back and forth as old friends would do.

He pointed down Duboce St towards his car, I let him know what a pleasure it was to meet him…

“You have a regality about you Sunny.”

“That is because I am a Princess”…I responded.

He laughed, smiled and said, “No…you are a Queen.”

“That is to much responsibility for my ass!” I giggled…

As he lifted his head up to look me dead in the eye, a smirk came to his lips…

“Deal with it… this is your path…your destiny…the time has come for you to be a Queen…only surround yourself with people who love you, who support you, who take care of you…as you do to them…and your kingdom shall be strong, you will do illustrious things…you have the power to help change for the good…tell your mother ‘thank you for making you’ from me…and the pleasure, the pleasure was all mine.”

With that he took my hand…kissed it, turned…and walked away.

As the weight of what I had just been told bore down upon my shoulders, I let out a deep breath and muttered “Crappers!”

The light changed to green and as I crossed under the bridge a gust of wind circled around me, encompassing me from behind and cupping my body, encouraging me to amble forward while tingling the nip of my neck at the same time.

My time has come…

I have felt this on the horizon, but tried to ignore…I have pushed it off and procrastinated for quite some time…fear has baited me back…for the magnitude of this obligation is massive…and yet completely mine.

And to be quite honest, I have no idea what it means…but know I will soon find out.

The climax of this last chapter happened years ago…the last few years have simply been a resolution, tying up loose ends…a time for me to learn, explore and grow.

As the door slams shut on this book, the velocity of it closing causes another door to gently drift open…

And I enter…so I can at long last...

“Walk the Walk.”



Have you been in a car accident recently…did you bruise your ribs…has it affected your ability to “get down.”…do you like to hoola hoop even though your ribs aren’t up to par yet?...if so…this dance is for you ☺

Get into the crowd…hold your ribs…why did you hoop for and hour straight today…owwww…if you hold that one part of your ribs you can still give you chest some shimmy action…cause you got to shimmy…ohhh, look out for the “crazy dancer” stick one arm out to protect yourself…shimmy some more…keep a nice grip on your ribs…and always remember bowl breaks!

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