Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blog 91: What if you Made the Rainbows in the Sky (Jammin Chronicles Part III)

Blog 91: What if you Made the Rainbows in the Sky (Jammin Chronicles Part III)

My Jammin Chronicles Part I & II are blogs 81 and 84, not only do you need to read that action, but if you haven’t gotten a chance to go down to Jammin on Haight at 1400 Haight Street and experience the beginning of the resurrection of Haight Street, you need to go check that shit out…totally…and don’t forget to look up.

What if when you glanced at the sun, intergalactic rainbows shot out into fragments in every direction…what if you did what you wanted to, when you wanted to, the exact way you needed it done and you not only got paid for it, but you were appreciated as well.

What if you manifested your own reality…and filled it with color, beauty, love, music and family.

What if you created your own world?

As of late, I have been witnessed to a miracle…people doing what they desire and love to do as their occupation…and making money.

They will be the first to tell you it took years of hard work, and it didn’t come easy…

In fact, I was told it happened, “One tie-dye at a time.”

And yet we all know it is totally fucking worth it.

It has inspired to me spread my wings and figure out what I want to do in life…

To ponder, to stumble, to contemplate every single aspect of what motivates me, what makes me tick…it has encouraged me to take risks I never thought I would be able to do.

And the happiness that radiates out of these Jammin People…floors me in stillness…I catch myself simply stepping back and taking it all in…the belief of positivity.

And the shock of all this awesome stuff actually working and seeing people’s dreams not only being met but tossed out the window cause they had no idea these possibilities could even reach this far of a spectrum makes me want to believe again…I don’t even know what I am suppose to be believing in, I just know now…that I can.

For years I have been running around trying to fit myself into what this notion of my life is suppose to be…exasperating my state of being in an attempt to fit into this mold of what I have been told my journey should entail…but nothing has brought the satisfaction that I have desired, there has always been a hallow-ness…a void of unrequited potential.

And then a thought dawned on me.

Maybe all this dreaming was holding me back.

Maybe I should just let the mystery be the mystery and enjoy it as it unfolds…plant the seeds and watch the beauty as it grows.

Maybe limiting myself to the parameters that I believe to be mine, restricts my mind from seeing things as a whole.

Maybe a blank canvas leaves room for more creativity.

Maybe I should just think about rainbows.

Maybe if I just flood my brain with ideals and things that simply make me happy the rest will just fall into place.

There is something to be said about living the life that you love, surrounding yourself with love, being love, having love emanate from your being….

When you are able to simply believe, you are able to look directly at the sun, and simply see the beautiful colors.



When was the last time you pumped up a massive balloon with a stand up air pump…yeah that is what I thought, let’s jog your memory…

Place each foot on either side of the tube-pump-air-thingy and attach the end of the balloon to the hose action-ness…holding the “handle” in your hands start to pump up and down…after a couple pumps, poke the balloon to see if it has enough air in it…Nope…pump it up at least three more times…awe fuck it one more time…now poke the balloon again, CRAPPERS…wave your arms and make an O face…you filled it too much…that bitch just exploded in your face…that is what you get for doing the Pump It Up Dance!

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