Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blog 92: I am Scared, Pissed and Okay (Walking the Walk Part IV)

Blog 92: I am Scared, Pissed and Okay (Walking the Walk Part IV)

(Walking the Walk, Parts I, II & III are Blogs 26, 56 and 86, and are some of my all time favorite blogs, so please check them out.)

There are not a lot of things more frightening than a pissed off redhead…a petrified-furious ginger (don’t forget I was born on Friday the 13th here peeps)…well that is some serious shit.

And I am angry that I am so freaking terrified.

Cause the truth of the matter is…

I am Scared…really really scared.

Last week while at one of my jobs, I bent over and I had a series of pops go off in my brain on the back right side…they made me clench my head in pain…and as I was holding myself close…the entire right side of my body went numb, heavy and tingly.

I thought I was having a stroke.

I called my dad right away and he asked if I could smile…when I responded yes, he assured me that I was not having a stroke, but should probably go to the hospital.

Well I finished out my shift…cause that is how this hard worker rolls…

I hoped I could sleep it off.

The next morning the walk to my new job that usually takes six minutes took over fifteen, and I was a bawling mess of mascara and sparkles when I arrived to my destination.

And to the hospital I went…

I can’t think of anyone that likes going to the hospital…it really doesn’t smell that good.

I got poked and prodded and put into machines in which they kept on asking me if I had metal in my body…I would counter, “Does glitter count…I mean it is small chards of glass?”

May I also add that Spinal Taps…aka…Lumbar Punctures suck my ass times a billion…ow, ow, ow, owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww can we not put a six plus inch needle down my spin while I curl in the fetal position…like I am not in enough pain here…and if you are going to do it can I get an IV of some serious stuff!

And after all these tests, no one can say what is really wrong with me…it could be a couple things, some things that can heal, some serious stuff and some really serious stuff…the line from Kindergarten Cop keeps replaying in my head, “It’s not a tumor.”

Whatever the fuck happened to my body had no idea who they were dealing with! They must not have gotten the, “Sunny is a Queen Now” memo.

I have mentioned in previous blogs that ten years ago I used not be able to walk or hold a pen due to nervous system problems the doctors never found a reason for…I cured myself by exercise, diet and learning that pain is simply a part of life.

I gander it is time for round two.

That doesn’t mean I am going to like it all…and I know for a fact that this is not going to be easy.

I feel like I have to teach my right leg to walk again…it’s just not moving right.

I have taken to using a cane on my bad days.

And I look gangster as fuck with this cane, it was my grandpa’s, it is blackthorn Irish wood…and I despise having to use it…but sometimes in life, you need a crutch.

It would totally be more palatable if I did not like to amble so freaking much.

In recent days there have been times where I have just wanted to weep, where I wanted to hit a lot of shit with my cane (like people who cut me off as well as cars that honk at me for being to slow, chicken fuckers!)

Sometimes I have just simply wanted to give up…forfeit the drive and determination that I know this will take…and just rest in peace.

But life is a beautiful thing…

And I am going to be okay.

This is my battle to fight…my strength to earn…my life to live.

No matter what is wrong with me, I have to surrender…I have to let my journey take its course.

I have to have faith that I am going to win this war.

I have to remember, “This too shall pass”

And continue to Walk my Walk to righteousness…

Cause even if I hobble…I’m still going to make it there…wherever there turns out to be.

Cheers to the journey, to all the bumps and curves, it might sometimes be a gravel road but it will always have a killer view!



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  1. Thank you everyone for the loving notes and messages!....I am feeling much better, I just have a couple more tests...but I have regained 99% of feeling on my right side and even though I am sore I am on the mend...many sparkles!...Sunny