Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blog 94: What we Think we Know…

Blog 94: What we Think we Know…

Isn’t funny how we as people think we comprehend one another, when in reality the only people we really know is ourselves…and even then, we can surprise …spontaneity and freedom of choice is an amazing thing that no one can truly see coming.

Have you ever had a person say something about you that is so off base you wonder if they think there are bases in soccer?

I had this experience this weekend and it has me thinking…How much do we really understand each other and how much do we just think we know?

I was hanging out with very close friends, some I had just met and a few I just know from out and about.

One of the gentleman that I just know from going out to shows told a stranger that I was the type of woman that needed a ring right quick and a big yellow-diamond one at that.

Thank God I was inhaling my new hash vapor pen (gooooo vapor pins and being able to smoke where ever the fuck I want…whoop, whoop, whoop!) and not drinking my gin cause that shit would have squirted that ding dong dead in the eye.

I went to say something…maybe even, “You all know I am right here and not a deaf mother-fucker.” But I decided to say “fuck it” and let the cloddish man continue with his assessment of this princess…cause free TV is free TV, so I sucked my hash pen, giggled to myself and coughed a little…and let my thoughts tango in my head.

I have never even been to this dudes house, we have never had a one on one conversation…I think he has been to my apartment once but I didn’t invite him he came with friends…where he got this notion from, simply confused the shit out of me.

But people are going to come to their own conclusions and that has got to be cool.

Like I would ever give up my rent-controlled apartment in a place I call my kingdom for a man…bitch please!

And an expensive ring on my finger, that would make me nervous as fuck…the month I had my iphone stressed me the fuck out…not to mention I am a total emerald girl.

I was with my ex-husband for ten years, marriage scares the shit out of me…in fact, commitment at this point frightens the hell out of me…what if I make another mistake?

While I enjoy a partner’s embrace and often miss it…I have found myself as of late being with men who are my friends who I know can’t commit, cause they are going through the same growing pains as I am…and I love them and they love me, but that by no means assumes that we can be in a relationship for one reason or another.

I am just not ready for a relationship…I need to figure shit out in my own reality.

And who would know that about me, but me.

I said not a word to defend myself…cause I shouldn’t have to…those people who want to take the time to know me can, those that want to believe what others say, can put their faith in them…what ever makes you happy I am a firm believer.

The truth of the matter is you can’t really be familiar with someone else…unless they never shut up and say every word that they think, you just are not acutely aware of what makes someone who they are, and even if you do hear everything that rolls out of their mouth, it’s all about perception baby!

You can tell someone that you want to go home and play twister and they think you wanna fuck….when in all actuality, you really want to play twister (yoga has made me a fierce competitor at this game) or apples to apples, or connect four, even a tawdry game of war…you know I always carry a deck of cards in my purse for late night action-ness.

I am so brutally honest that if I wanted to hump someone I would say, “I am horny, let’s hump!”…Not ask them over for a late night game, but that is just me.

And I don’t even know myself that fucking well, how is someone else suppose to get me….and trying to figure someone else out…is a whole lotta work, and I am one busy bitch…I just let you be you and let the awesomeness unfold.

Not to mention the fact that we are all constantly evolving

The person that we are today learns lessons daily, morphing into who we become in the future…evolution is always in motion.

And what if we catch someone one a bad day…what if work was a bitch, what if they have been up for two days, what if they are starting to feel sick, what if they are going through some shit…just cause someone acted a certain way or mentioned something at this time by no means makes that what defines them…perception of people, in my opinion, is for people that have way to much time on their hands.

Trying to figure anyone out…is pointless to me…cause you ain’t really ever going to truly understand the thoughts that swirl in people’s mind.

You just got to have faith that people are good…that we all strive for enlightenment.

Whether someone is on the chosen path or not is not up for us decide.

It is a walk we all must take ourselves, and support each other along the journey.

I am going to try to figure my own damm self out before I cast my gaze upon anyone else’s thought…and I am pretty sure that I will keep myself busy for lifetimes to come.

Cheers to finding out who you really are, cause that is some hard ass shit!



Start with your basket in your hand (I put it in my left hand, but what ever floats your boat)…now with your free hand start to pick the cherries off one little bunch at a time. Ohhhh, that one is a chicken fucker, you got to pull it and twist a couple times…Yey! You got it off, something that took that much effort you got to sample…pop that action in your mouth…that is one juicy and tasty motherfucker! (Sometimes I have to put one arm up to celebrate a good cherry.) Since we are in the field we can just spit that pit right out…oh don’t hit the other cherry picker in the head with your pit that is kinda gross, but can happen…and continue with your arm up picking away until your basket is full…then cherry pie here you come!

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