Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blog 3....thoughts on a psychedelic walk and more

Not having a TV.....the tenderloin is the best free cable a girl could have...and no commercials...why would anyone want to live anywhere else.

As I found myself in need of a psychedelic walk last night (anyone who knows me, knows these walks are my favorite) I headed to Nob Hill...mostly because walking up hill is great for my ass...and...well...gotta keep the butt quarter bouncing firm.
Anyhoo...a thought crossed my mind...why nob hill over the tenderloin?
I used to be a personal assistant for a crazy lady that lived at the peak of the hill...she paid $3400 a month for a one bedroom, I pay $975 all utilities included for a studio. Why pay so much more?
A. Is it the hardwood floors, I took huge pieces of scrap flooring and duck taped that shit together...works good, easy to clean, cost me like 30 bucks...but hardwood floor are nice....
B. Is it the quiet? What if i want to party, bring my friends over, get rowdy...in nob hill, i think every one in a five block radius would hear me raging....in the tenderloin, I rage throughout the night, have friends get drunk and start the "loud talk"...it don't matter...its the tenderloin, we can do whatever we want. (and a perk to the transvestite prostitute working across the hall, when you are to loaded to take the stairs home early in the morning....the elevator is always on our floor)
To me the quiet makes you pay attention more to what other people are doing...in the Loin, we worry about our own damm self.
C. Where in nob hill is there a 24 hour market..at least...i also have 3 diners, and indian food place & bbq.....what if a princess gets hungry in the weeee hours, or runs out of mixers...i would be a princess shit out of luck if i lived in nob hill....THANK GOD FOR THE TENDERLOIN
D. Maybe its the view..it sure is pretty....and the lights twinkling with the bridge and the water, and to just stand and breathe and take it all in...the Fairmont all lit up....the quiet wind blowing against my skin...but knowing me...I think I enjoy more now. I see the view almost everyday, I see it as I walk my miles around the city, And i think if i lived in nob hill i would spend to much time sitting and looking at the view, than getting out and living and seeing the view.
living in the tenderloin..gets me out to see more that the city has to offer...
E. As my walk steered me back to the tenderloin, my instinct to grab my corkscrew hit me...and than a thought, ....I could get mugged or attacked in nob hill, that shit can happen anywhere, anytime....but in the tenderloin, Im expecting that element of surprise...I'm prepared. i'd rather live in the tenderloin and be ready for all the crazy shit that life can throw at you, than living in nob hill and being surprised when life throw you shit.

the tenderloin has helped prepare me for life....because crazy shit is always going to happen, now im just always ready for it...and it really makes me appreciate the good shit that happens....and the views I get to see.

Was hanging with friends in a bar last night...the guy who had been sitting next to me, who I did not know....came back from the men's bathroom, I looked him up and down and said, "smells bad" (***please note*** to me smelling good is key..if I high five...I smell it afterwards...my friend taught me the "spank and sniff" a while ago....really if you spank and sniff outside the pants and it smells bad...do you really want to hang with the person for to long..do you want to share a joint...think about it. PEEPS, SMELLING GOOD IS IMPORTANT.)....anyhoo, he responded to my 'smells bad' with (remember I do not know this guy)..."Oh yeah, i totally just bombed that whole thing. I just had sushi and the greasy breakfast i had, had to go to make room for the fish. I would not even go near that direction of the bar...you look nice tonight." ....just then my friend walked out of the bathroom with an odd look on his face....hummmmmmmm

Dance move of the week.....
who has watched the winter sport of CURLING
So here it goes....you stretch your arm out behind you and lunge forward..trying to slide, letting your arm come forward and the imaginary ice thingy launch out of your hand...then hop up and as you jump from side to side ...SWEEP...SWEEP...SWEEP.....totally

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  1. Curling eh? Up here in Oregon we call it a night of girling.