Sunday, January 30, 2011

BLOG 4...Dance move of the week (BAKING THE COOKIES,) bathrooms, noodling, dying and living

Dance Move of the Week..
……I would like to thank my friends in Swiss Home for this one, and if anyone else thinks of awesome dance moves…send them my way….

“Baking the Cookies”
First you start with cracking the eggs, then you add more ingredients….you begin to mix that dough (can we intergrate “The Mixer” into this?)
Once that dough is smooth, grab the cookie sheet, spray some Pam on that bitch…start forming your cookies, use a second spoon to get the dough off the first spoon..DONT FORGET TO LICK THE SPOON HERE PEEPS….open the oven door…slide those bad boys in and wait….(looking at you watch and tapping your feet is always a good “waiting” dance move)..timer went off, grab the oven mitt, pull those cookies out….looks…ouch its to hot you burnt your togue… Blow on it…yummmmmm…warm cookies..
Great now I want some cookies…chicken fucker.

Thought 1
Hotels are a great place to use the bathroom when you are walking around the city, just walk in with purpose and pretend you know where you are going, clean bathrooms are crucial. Also they don’t let crackheads in so you know it is going to smell good, and a bathroom that smells good, well…shit, that is half the battle.

Thought 2
No one is better than anyone else. If you meet a famous musician or athlete, they are the same as you. Since moving back home to San Francisco, I have met some really awesome people, and some real ass holes. (the assholes have taught me a lot of lessons, and have made me appreciate the awesome people….see we are all important in some way in each other’s life.) The fact of the matter is, we are all special, we all contribute to society something that no one else does, we are us. Just cause someone is famous or rich doesn’t give them the right to be a bitch, or a chicken fucker. I talk to every person the same. I pretty much call everyone darlin, smile, say please and thank you and try not to put anyone out. One thing I’ve learned from moving away and then back to the city is that we all know someone that we can brag about, we have all met a famous person….you want a freaking cookie…it really doesn’t mean shit, so get off your freaking high horse. Times change, and while you might be on top on day, you might be face down on the floor in a puddle the next. We all go through times like this, and that is just life. So the next time you meet someone you think is important, or a crackhead on the street, remember…..we all the same.

Thought 3
Sometimes you gotta noodle in the beginning. I was listening to the “Pizza Tapes” with Garcia, Grisman & Rice and at one point Jerry goes,
“Should we noodle in the beginning?” .....HELL YES.
You gotta noodle your way around until you really start feeling it. Like when you hear a band and you realize that shit sounds good and you start to move, feeling the grooves….you kinda wave like a noodle to the beat, then they start to get dirty with that shit, the water starts to boil, and that noodle goes a bouncing in the way. Whether you are at a show or walking through the city, once you can get in tune with the pulse you just roll.

Thought 4
I saw a lady get hit and killed by a bus a while back. That shit has really fucked me up. I don’t wish someone seeing that on anyone. We need to all slow down and enjoy. We all rush around and don’t look at everything that is going on, the person walking by, the sun setting, take that shit all it, cause when it is our time it is our time, like it our not..and when we walk out of the door in the morning we do not know what is going to happen or what we are going to see. I don’t know if I will ever get over the image of that lady going under the bus like a lawn mower takes down a blade of grass..she had the right of way and her hands up so the driver would see her, but no, he never stopped, the image haunts my sleep, I really don’t know when I am going to be right….life is so precious, and freaking awesomeness, I hope we all realize that.

Thought 5
You really got to live every day like it is your last. Or at least live to be happy.. When I was married I worked years without a day off… I could just loose it all. When I left my husband and lost everything, I stumbled, and I fell, but I dusted myself off, nutted up and dealt with life. I also made a promise to myself to live and be happy. Now life can still be a bitch that stands up and slaps you in the face when you are just chilling, but I think that bitch is fucking awesome. Yes, I could stress on the crap, but I choose to boogie, and sometimes I have to remind myself that. People always ask me why I go to so much music and how I have the energy to do everything that I do…..because I’m alive damm it. When I work one to two jobs a day , work out, clean, talk to my friends, go out to at least one if not two shows four to five days a week and at the end of each night my feet hurt, and I wake up and my feet still hurt….I feel like I have truly lived, and I love it. Aint no one ever going to tell me that I did not live my fucking life.

Till next time……..

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