Wednesday, April 6, 2011

BLOG 17...Love Tales...Part Two...DATING RESTRICTION

Blog 17….Love Tales..Part Two...DATING RESTRICTION

A perfect example of why I am going on Restriction again is this:
I am at a bar playing solitaire
****please note****
I play solitaire at bars when I go there by myself with real cards so
A. I don’t just have to stare off into space.
B. I don’t have to pine to talk to ding dongs
C. If a ding dong comes and talk to me, I can ignore them and go back to my game.
D. and I like to play Solitaire, its fun for me.

So anyway this chicken fucker walks up to me and goes,
“What are you playing, solitaire, that is like you screaming ‘I’m Lonely’ you are to hot to do that, why don’ you take my number”

As I laughed in his face…I didn’t mean to be rude, but he did have beer breath, and I feel that sometimes boys do need a “Sunny 101”….
“I am not lonely darlin, I simply really enjoy hanging by myself, and I don’t call boys, boys call me, and I don’t even know your name so you definitely are not getting my number…if fact, instead of you telling me I look lonely, you introducing yourself might have come off better.”

He introduced himself…I totally forgot his name right away (I am so bad with names, jeezzzzz) than I asked him what he does with his time,a great ding dong indicator, and he replied,

“ Welllll, I get drunk, a lot….go to school and make beads….”

All right peeps….this is why I am going on Dating Restriction…well that and many other reasons…but a prime example.

The History of Dating Restriction…

I was first put on Dating Restriction 2 years ago by a very dear friend. I had left my husband about six months before, and did not have my own place to live so I was crashing at his and his wife’s house. I had come home from another most meaningless date, and let me tell you in Eugene, there were not a lot of “Sunny worthy” men…I thought if I guy had a job or just grew pot he was a winner….man san Francisco have I told you how much I love you lately….
Pointless date with a chicken fucker.
The fact that I had left a man I had been with for 10 years, that everyone knew, in a small town definitely made it harder to date…totally…

As I said, the guy was a chicken fucker, and I was disappointed and my friend turned to me and piped..
“I am putting you on dating restriction, you keep going out on dates with idiots when you could be hanging with your friends, or working out or doing stuff that is good for you, instead of wasting your time on these chodes…..”

Well, let me tell you, unlike a name, that shit sank in.

Now over the years I have yelled “Dating Restriction” so many times you might all think I’m crying wolf…but seriously..

What is so great about Dating Restriction?

A. You finally get you some you.
Lovers come and lovers go, but I got me this whole time, who better to spend quality time with and put my energy into. When I date or see someone I put so much energy into them, and most of the time they fail to equally put energy into me, so I end up losing out. On Restriction, I don’t lose out.

B. I get treated the way I want.
I truly love me, so I don’t treat me bad…I treat me like a princess. My ex-husband used to ask me how I wanted him to treat me, I would say, “I want you tell me that I'm beautiful, that I am loved, I would like you to spend any..some, quality time with me. To go for a walk, to talk, to shut the TV, video games or the drama off and focus on each other. I would like you to say thank you for me dedicating my life to your dream, I want flowers..

He would tell me that me getting treated like a princess was a “Pipe Dream”

Well not only do I have one hell of a pipe, but my dream is awesomeness times 10, and my happiness is living proof.

I treat me like a princess and I fucking love it.
It makes me love me even more and makes me want to do better things for myself.
I don’t take away from my energy, I empower it.

C. I don’t get Disappointed.
I think this is The biggest one…I am so over the disappointment of guys not living up to their word…..”I’m going to treat you good, I will change, I’m telling the truth, I’m going to take you there, we are going to do this, this is what is going to be like…” BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH…..chicken fucker.

Seriously…shut the front door.
I’m over it.
I am so over getting disappointed and let down.

D. I can only get mad at me.
I really don’t like getting mad or disappointed in people. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am this crazy ball of positivity, and me being pissed or angry is just not good for my being. I like to see people in the best of light, if we aren’t dating, I don’t mind if you let me down a little, we are all human….

And maybe that’s it.

Maybe all this time of being on Dating Restriction has made me so fiercely independent that I am scared of being let down, of making the same mistake I did with my husband, about taking away from my time to shine.

Maybe it is just me.
I have to come to that realization and deal.

Or maybe it’s that all the dudes are chicken fuckers….
Its up for grabs…totally

So until that one is figured out, I will be in my tower on the forth floor looking out my window…
Wait...fuck that,
I’m going to be out and about doing my thing. Treating me with most awesomeness.
And I won’t settle till I meet someone who is addicted to my pipe as much as I am…
Cause it smells good…TOTALLY….times 10.

Now how you like them apples…..

The Penguin…
This is an owe so simply dance move, but owe so cute…
Put your wrists horizontally, so your hands stick out…get all stiff like and barely lifting your feet off the floor make small little steps…..and penguin walk….this is an awesome way to get through crowds, and if you can do it was having a joint hanging out of your mouth…well than you are one cool penguin.

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  1. Fuck yeah, Sunny! The best way to know what you want is to get in touch with yourself and tune in. Not enough people do that and when they repeatedly find themselves with chicken fuckers they ask, "why?!"

    Keep on keepin on chica!