Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blog 66: I think "Shit Breath" is Gross

Blog 66: I think “Shit Breath” is Gross

I don’t know about you all, but I prefer not to have the taste of shit in my mouth...just saying.

I have been witnessed these past few weekends to some ladies “talking shit” and I can smell the putrid linger of their words from here, and let me tell you...It smells bad!

I am going to start bringing some mouth wash to The Boom Boom Room from now on...which sucks, cause I don’t have room in my purse for that shit...maybe binaca...ohhhhh, here is a great idea, how bout we just don’t talk shit!

For me, personally, talking shit is a waste of time, I have better things to do with my day than try to pull other people down, what happened to lifting everyone up?

Aren’t we all suppose to make it to the Promised Land?

Was high school not years ago?

Have we not all grown...and why the hell not?

Why the hell can we not simply be respectful of each other...civil...I am not saying that we have to all be friends, that is asking a lot, and to be honest some people piss me the fuck off...but I ain’t going to be rude...that is not proper...and if there is anything that I have learned on my path to becoming a Queen, it is that you have got to be fucking proper to people, no matter how you feel about them...period...they are still people.

There are numerous reasons why talking shit is simply a waste of time...

-It takes away from what you are doing.

Unless you have a “talking shit day” or dinner evening planned, I am pretty sure it is no what you intended on doing (at least I hope so...we are all capable of being good, right?) so why distract from your plans...if you are going to see a music show, go see the fucking show. Don’t let yourself miss the great music you paid to go see cause you have the need to bring someone else down...be better than that...(and on a “Sunny Show Rule” note: Don’t talk shit, or anything really in front of the stage, that is rude, if you are going to get into deep conversation go to the back, the front is for people who are listening to the music...respect the musicians you are watching play)

-It is not becoming.

I have said before, “We are all Royalty”...and one does not make themselves look regal talking shit, in fact, it belittles you, which makes you look as bad as the person you are talking about. Not to mention the “shit breath” factor which isn’t getting anyone any beauty points.

-It creates Drama.

Did I not just write that drama is a bitch and a half...did no one listen?

Why would you want to go someplace and feel uncomfortable and do that to someone else, what is your issue? Cause when you are talking shit you are acknowledging that you have a problem, not the person you are talking about, especially if they are just smiling and having a good time...creating drama makes one appear weak, being above the petty shit, makes one appear strong...how do you want to be perceived?

-Not talking shit brings co-existence to a whole new level.

When we become above the silliness of us not all agreeing on shit...and realize that no matter what we all must co-exist...it becomes easy...imagine how close we might come to world peace if we all acknowledged our differences but still were respectful of each other...how can we obtain the “big picture” without starting in the minuet details of our daily life.

-You have given something bad for people to say about you.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be known as the chick that talks mad shit...cause if you are saying bad stuff about people than peeps might think you do that about them, or just associate you talking smack with your persona...which means people know you as having “shit breath”...yucky-ness...totally.

I would like to be known as the chick that holds her head up high and smiles, and is above it all, but that is just me.

I think that we should get over our issues with other people...at least not spread them to everyone and their mom...if you have an issue with someone, keep it with that person, don’t go telling your business to everyone, why show weakness? Why let other people know that a person can get to you?

Why not let people learn about other people themselves, make their own judgments, learn their own lessons...for one person might rub one person one way, and another a whole different way...

Cause guess what peeps...We are all different.

Embrace that shit.

Take the higher path.

Be a better person than the person talking shit, and in being a better person you become a class act.

And “Shit Breathers” can’t follow a class act...they just get left in the toilet.

Now go be fucking nice.



All right, start by turning the faucet on and getting your toothbrush nice and wet, than put some toothpaste on that mug (if you are one of the peeps that like to paste before you wet, switch up those moves...whatever makes you happy darlin)...now start to brush, get the sides, the top, do those small circle moves in the front, sides again, don’t forget the very back, wrist getting tired? Now spit...toss some water in your mouth and swoosh it around, spit, maybe another swoosh...spit...look in the mirror and smile, rub your tongue over your teeth...those be some smooth ass motherfuckers, and they SMELL GOOD!

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