Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blog 68: She called me a "Hippie"

Blog 67: She called me a “Hippie”

Sunny’s dictionary says a HIPPIE is:
A person of unconventional appearance, typically with long hair, jeans, beads, etc., often associated with hallucinogenic drugs and rejection of conventional values...(other words associated with HIPPIE...bohemian, longhair, flower person & dropout)

The Setting:
Sunny arrives at a dinner party for a dude she knows through work...thank God she brought a friend cause she didn’t know anyone else and the party was stiff when we arrived. Thank God Sunny brought the birthday guy a gift of a JUNO WHAT cd...cause when we entered, not nary a note of music was being played (what Sunny considers a clue in helping to determine a “straight party”)...Sunny put in the cd so at least her and her friend could get down.

The Situation:
As guests started to arrive Sunny drank some champagne (cause champagne makes everything better) and tried to make small talk with guests...she met some very nice people from different walks of life...all was going well but every five minutes or so Sunny would walk up to her friend and say, “Thank God you came with me.”...Cause let us be honest, in situations where you are uncomfortable or don’t feel at home sometimes it is nice to have a partner in crime.

The Incident:
As the last of the guests arrived a lady came in. The first thought in Sunny’s head was how beautiful she was...dressed crisp and simple...she showed an understated elegance...unfortunately her fashion and her words did not pair well together as Sunny was about to learn...Sunny, intrigued by the lady’s style and vibe walked up right away to introduce herself (and the chick had the champagne in her hand...twofer)...Sunny immediately forgot the girls name when introduced (she is such a ding dong that Sunny Bunny)...Sunny asked questions and learned that the woman was from the Ivory Coast and New York...her accent was delicate yet firm...she returned the questions she had answered with replica inquiries...after hearing that Sunny was from San Francisco than moved to Humboldt and Eugene than back to Frisco, she raised her eyebrows, rolled her eyes and said...”Oh...you must be a hippie, only hippies live in Eugene.” And preceded to roll her eyes two more times (Sunny pondered if the chick had “random wondering eye syndrome” but found that almost impossible)...

Sunny repeated...”I must be a hippie?”

Than home skillet replied with, “You probably don’t even shave your legs...”

The Reaction:
Now Sunny has always been known to be nice and polite, but once in a while...while still being respectful she will put a motherfucker in their place.

Sunny turned to fully face the lady that had just judged her after two sentences (Side note: Now if she had read the blog “Honey, I just look this Way” maybe none of this would have happened...reason #284 why more people should read Sunny’s Blog...totally.)

Sunny took a deep breath and out came the words...”Am I a hippie?...Well, I work multiple jobs, work almost everyday of the week, shave my legs regularly...like a slip and slide they are, not my pits that often cause the hair is red and it can go longer, graduated from college, used to own a restaurant, live by myself, wears princess dresses, smoke pot all the fucking time, try my hardest to be a good person, smells fucking delicious and does not judge a person because of where they are from or what they look like but how they are as a person...does that make me a hippie...I don’t know...my History BA degree ass thought hippies were from the 60’s...what the hell is a hippie in your mind anyway?”

The woman took a minute to reply, but all of a sudden her “random wandering eye syndrome” stopped and her bottom lip dropped into a “huh” look (almost like the female version of a chode)...”I guess I just thought that everyone in Eugene were hippies.”

A smile spread upon Sunny’s face...she asked, “Have you ever been to Eugene?”...The woman across from her shook her head NO...as the smile on The Princess’s face got bigger...she replied “well than I guess you can’t say that only hippies live in Eugene or that I am one, cause you don’t even know...I bet you don’t even know what a ‘hippie’ is, I am going to go home and look that shit up in my dictionary and get back to you...(hence the definition at the beginning of the Blog)...are you going to the show tonight it is going to be great.”...Sunny is a firm believer that after you prove a point if only to yourself you should change the subject, and Sunny is always working so promoting a show she was seeing was an easy subject to change to...)

What Sunny Thought in Her Mind while all this was going on:
Bitch please, what the fuck is a “hippie”...in today’s society what is “conventional” and “unconventional” and if you are someone that doesn’t want to be labeled and judged, don’t fucking do that to anyone else, let them tell you who the fuck they are...I am sure they know themselves a hell a lot more than they know anything else...I thought the ideals of “Peace, Love and Happiness” were pretty much the same ideals our forefathers fought for and wrote in The Constitution, just in different words...and that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL...I could have thought a whole lot of shit about this chick when I first saw her, but instead I waited to get to know her...and you know what, I still don’t know her, she might not have meant for her words to come across the way she did...I don’t know, cause I wasn’t in her mind.

I just found her to be _____________(that is where her name is supposed to be if I could fucking remember it.)

And I am just Sunny.

You can’t categorize me, or put me in a group, I am sure the hell not going in the corner...and while some people might share traits, ideals and views about shit with me, they ain’t me...And I’m not you.

And that is fucking awesomeness.

Now go be fucking you and let others do the same.

And don’t judge...it leads to “random wandering eye syndrome’ and that shit really freaks me out.



Start by opening the lid, put your detergent in...put in the quarters (when did washing machines start to cost so much money, chicken fuckers!)...anyhoo...start putting in the cloths, unroll the socks so they get washed right, close the lid...now put your feet together and bend your knees, keeping your elbows against your ribs put your forearms out at 45 degree angles, now pivot your body back and forth washing the cloths...SPIN CYCLE TIME...go super fast...and stop, open the lid...and wait for the “Folding the Laundry” Dance.

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