Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blog 67: Mommy, You have Blessed me...

Blog 67: Mommy, You have Blessed me...

(My “Dear Daddy” Letter is Blog 53)

Dear Mommy may I count the ways that you have blessed me...

I should probably start with the endowing of my itty-bitty waist and that round thing in your face...you get sprung...on my ass...times 11, I often look at people who remark about my buttocks and say, “Hair from my dad, Hips from my mom”...then I proceed to shake it on down now...

Granted I don’t know whether my ass causes more harm than good that is something which is up for grabs...I think it has only caused one traffic accident...anyhoo, I must say I have learned to adore my ass. In a society where sticks and skinny jeans are in (even for men if you live in The Mission) I still feel like I have a freakin awesome body even if it is not what ELLE or VANITY FAIR think is perfect, it is mine...and for me personally, my favorite part of my body is the curve between my waist and my hips...delightful.

Thank you mom for my ass, I have embraced it with gusto...

Now besides what I inherited from my mom (a photographic memory as well) she has taught so much more.

I mentioned back in the day (Blog 16) the lesson I learned from her about wearing a bra so my boobs don’t sag...I’m wearing one now mom ☺

But there are some key elements that my mom has taught me about life as well...


My mom has been a teacher at the same school for like forty years or something, for me going to college was a requirement, I did not know why I was going to college, but knew I had too...to make my mommy proud. And while I still do absolutely nothing with my degree...it is my safety net in life, an area or field that I can go to when all else fails, an accomplishment in life that I can say I did, proof to my follow through and my ability to stick shit out...and while I don’t always talk like the most educated woman on the block...it’s in there...that is for sure.


My mom might question my “lady like-ness”...I do call people “chicken fuckers” after all...That being said, I always say “please” and “thank you”...usually bring a bottle of wine to houses I am invited to, treat my friends like gold, do not like to fight in public, insist on smelling good and am a dedicated and hard worker...I have learned that to be a “lady” is not only in how you carry yourself but in your follow through and your way of thought.

(Sunny Insight: Growing up, my mom only wore dresses, she only recently started to wear pants...so if any of you wonder why I rock the long dresses, it is cause my mom wore them everyday when I was growing up and I can think of no other lady that I would like to emulate)


While my mother teaches me how to be a lady, she has never taught me to be weak, that’s not my mother’s vision of a lady. If I start freaking out about something she yells, “Calm Down, one thing at a time” and we go from there...I have never seen my mother meet a challenge that she has not overcome, I am sure she has failed along the road, but I have never seen it...I have only seen her grow, evolve...like a true lady should.


My mom could have not worked when we were young, times would have been tougher, but she had the option...my mother often tells me, “she chooses to work”...that being a contributing factor to the relationship helps keeps her at an equal level with my father.

I have evolved to become an independent woman, and it gives me a strength I never knew that I could have...it ignites the fire inside my core...pushing me to desire greatness for my self...


My mother has taught me to never let anything come between family, that our blood is sacred and stupid trivial things hold no importance when it comes to the sanctity of our family.

I meet people that have parents like mine and don’t appreciate it and I ponder at their disillusionment...my family has had its shares of ups and down but my parents make a conscious effort to make us a unit...

To be honest, I don’t know how I got blessed with the mother and father that I have...I am fully aware of my luck, and am so fortunate that I have been able to move back to the city and soak in my parents love and take our relationship to a whole new level.

My parents have believed in me in ever endeavor I have taken, even if they question my actions, their support is always still there...they have watched me at my highs and at my lows, and their love for me has never faulted.

I am blessed to have the mother that I have.

I am blessed to have the father that I have.

Part of me never even considers having children for I have such big shoes to fill...

It is hard to follow in the path of greatness.

And yet I still walk my walk, as any royalty born from a King and Queen should.



Grab your potato, turn the sink on and wash that bad boy off, now grab your peeler and peel the skin off, cut our potato up into cubes and toss it into the boiling water...wait (this includes tapping your foot and looking as well as pointing to your watch) once the potatoes has cooked for long enough (you might have to put some other dance moves in the mix while you are waiting) take the pot off the stove, drain the pot and grab the masher and start to mash your potato, harder...add some cream and butter, start to whip that shit up, check your consistency...ohhhh, add salt and pepper, taste test, yummers!!!...time for the “making the gravy” dance.

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