Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blog 5: They took a tenderloin princess out of the loin...what where they thinking.

I know, I know...I was going to write about my dating diaries, but my cute ass left the tenderloin…and first things first.

Thought One
Remember that Southwest shit, “friends fly free” what the hell has happened peeps….Flying used to be so much better...peanuts, maybe even a cookie, I could fit a quarter pound of herb in my bra, I could bring water…they gave out pillows...
YOU CHEAP BASTARDS NOW CHARGE MORE AND I DON’T GET SHIT….and you want to charge me for my luggage…FUCK YOU, its not like they all of a sudden had to build new planes with space for luggage, that shit has been there all along..for luggage….
chicken fuckers.
That being said..there is nothing like soaring above the clouds, seeing how small everything really is, and the sun setting in red rose hues as far as your eye can is simply breathtaking.
(***please note*** it would be even more awesomeness if I could have a glass of wine (sutter home does not count as wine peeps) and a joint while watching this most awesome sunset…a girl is just saying)

Thought Two
I don’t have kids so this thought appeals to me….Can we give valium to the kids on an least for flights over 2 hours..we did just get charged for our luggage, the least you all can do is make the flight peaceful..Im sure everyone will benefit from this…how awesome are kids when they are well rested? Isn’t that a way better way to start your trip….Are the pills to much? How bout some “special” brownies…and if you don’t want to give it to the kids, can I have one..two….

A small town is a small town and it is not anything like my city. I think most importantly, San Francisco is my home, it is where I was born and raised, my parents still live in the same house I grew up in. San Francisco is where my heart is and where it will if I could move to Paris we could talk. But I’ve done and did that small town thing, and I don’t want to rewind. I see the appeal, I really do, but for me personally, I just am better of in a city for some key reasons.
A. I can walk most places I need to go. I love that about the city, or bus, or cab or whatever. In small towns, you want to do anything, you gotta drive....booooo. Okay city living might be more expensive, but if you live in a centrally located place like the tenderloin, and don’t need a much money am I saving..I can put that towards rent..and live in this most awesome city.
Also, I feel like with driving, I’d get in trouble...walking is so much less responsibility, Drivng..and my lifestyle..why bother.
B. I guess I feel in small towns in general I would get in more trouble..The city is filled with some crazy ass mother fuckers…ain’t no one going to look at me twice cause of how I’m dressed or what I’m doing….much better situation for sunny…totally.
C. Small towns have ONE cab company…I don’t have a car…how the hell is this going to work out for my nights of debachary (did I mention the city also has 24 hour public transportation.)
D. Okay the Tenderloin smells like all have stink bugs..that shit equals out to me.
E. San Francisco has real Chinese Food..not that fake shit(ketchup with eggrolls, hell no) and Indian, and Ethiopian and well everything.
F. Shit in the city is open way late, at 9pm the streets don’t have tumble weeds rolling down them.
G. Okay the small towns are cute and all, but my city has culture. I have met so many people from so many walks of life…I feel a majority of small towns are one sided in ethnicity..and it makes people stay in there box more. I get to step out in the city and be surrounded by people from all over the world..culture baby, culture.
H. The music, the music, the music….oh the music. There are so many shows going on every night you can spin in a circle and no matter where you land there is music everywhere..sweet music.
Ahhhhh, happy sigh.
I. There are hills in the city for my butt walks…how the hell can I work on my cute ass when there are no hills…a girl’s ass has got to look good.
J. Yes, Yes…the mountains are most awesomeness, and I do miss them (I gotta drive to them though) But I have skyscrapers and the views are just as incredible, you have trees, I have sparkling lights and water on three sides..I have bridges and a coastline…Mountains are beautiful…but one is not better than the other… still got to remember to hold on.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is with San Francisco by my side, I might get back alive…
from my next vacation….

I love you city by the bay..
times 10

So maybe small towns are good for you, but for me I will take a city any day…I guess I’m just a city girl.

Dance Move of the Week
All this talk of home has made me go old school
…Start driving, (think Otto on SIMPSONS driving)..turn into the stop, open the door, put your hand up to stop the peeps from rushing the bus, a lot of people forget about letting the people off the bus first. Wave the people off, alright, now we can start to load, wave those people on…hand out the transfers…close the doors, yell at the kids, and start turning that wheel into ‘Otto’ drive…totally.

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  1. yes..the bus drive of my old school faves!