Monday, February 14, 2011

blog 6...swimming, valentin'e day thoughts & toilet seat covers

Blog 6… Swimming, Valentine’s day thoughts & toilet seat covers

Dance Move of the Week:
Swimming with a Shark option (friend needed)
Alright so start with some BREAST STROKE action…than into the really having fun now, plug your nose and one hand in the air, shake It on down now, go back into the BREAST STROKE…want to get interacting..have a friend who knows the dance start coming from afar with their two hands traingled on top of their head as the shark fin…you start swimming faster (this is no time for shaking it on down now) then as the shark is upon you, the shark’s two arms go into biting mode…big bites, swimmer is going down…unless,
if you have more friends around that know what is going on you can continue into the shark hunter dance and so forth…..anyhoo.

Dude…how much does valentine’s day suck…totally
I think today makes more people depressed than most other days…
Well snap the fuck out of it
(I totally have to tell myself this to)
You don’t have a partner, or if you do and they are being a total ding dong…fuck it, lets remember some key things together.

A. We should tell everyone that we love that we love them all the fucking time and that they are awesomeness times 10. A day is not enough. Do that shit tomorrow and the next day to. You in a dark place, bring some love into that bitch, and feel the light that comes from it. Whether you are in a relationship or you just have friends, it is important to tell people that they bring joy to our lives and we are blessed to have them in it. Who does not want to be told they are get off your ass and go tell someone right now damm it. And for the love of all that is holy, don’t forget to tell yourself that you are awesomeness. That shit is important to. You got to learn to forgive yourself for not being perfect…it makes life wayyyyyyyyy easier, that being said you also got to forgive others. It is the greatest gift we can give each other.

B. You have to learn how to face the people that you hurt so they can forgive you. I go to the Boom boom Room all the time. I went out with this singer guy for a short bit and I realized that we would not flutter well together, not that he is not awesomeness, he is…
we are all AWESOMENESS,
in our own way, but just the way we meshed would not make me happy times 10…and I wasted to much of my life in relationships that weren’t exactly what I wanted, why waste anymore. When I first broke up with him he was MAD, and it was really tough, not only that, I would see him at least once a week performing at he Boom boom Room… AKWARD.
..totally. But I always made it clear that he was awesome and that I wanted to be friends and that I thought he was great at what he does, because he is. Well we have finally reached that point where we miss each other’s friendship enough to put that shit behind us and really be friends, how awesome is that. Sometimes you just have to keep diving into uncomfortable positions to finally realize you just have to get over that shit..
Let’s be honest anyway..

C. Breakups are never easy
There are two sides to each story, and your’s is never the complete story. Who acts proper all the time in a breakup..nobody. Our heart is hurt and we are crushed and upset and we don’t always think right. One thing I have learned is that we can never judge someone on how they act during a breakup…and not only that, we should learn from break ups…so if we learn after we act like a ding dong…are we a chicken a ding dong.

We are all awesomeness. We all have our faults, we all have our attributes..and some people rub one person softly and another is just how we as a people blend

D. Sometimes we can not love each other the way that we need to be loved. This is something had to learn, and it has taken me though many relationships. Remember, we are all awesomeness..but a relationship should be a mesh.. A blend of how you tend to your mate and how they tend to you, (or your friends for that matter) so that no one feels like they are taking away from themselves. You have to be compadable in your in the same way, or else neither one of you is ever going to be truly happy. So why waste time, why not be truly happy..why not just realize that there is something that connects you but that if you are in a relationship you are going to ruin what could be a most awesome friendship. Its not hard to see this, one just has to be realistic.

On a whole different note …check this shit out,
Totally…I was in Ashville for some time, and let me tell you, not one bathroom had toilet seat covers, what the fuck is up with that shit….I’m all about protecting my ass. Do you all in Ashville not sit on the seats, do you all just squat, I’m freaking confused. What if a princess needs a paper cowboy hat…totally….a girl is just saying…


  1. Well I know for a fact that you are awesome. I have only met you a hand full of times but every time you have left me a little bit of "sunshine". That is always a good thing. I love your blog, makes me laugh. Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. happy valentine's day darlin, was most awesomeness to see you last night....u r awesomeness times 10 ;)

  3. You are awesomeness times at least 15! love you girl. I'm not working right now so I should take a mosey on up to the city to see your sweet ass.

  4. i love you mama...i have this sunday off...wanna catch up and get our wander on.....i missin you