Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blog 29... More Lessons on my Path to being a Queen...let's make it to the promise land.

Blog 29...More Lessons on my Path to being a Queen...let’s make it to the promise land.

How many Queens do you run into a day?
This being a blog with “tenderloin” in it, you might be taking this question the wrong way...anyhoo...

I met a Queen last Saturday night, I was at a concert, she walked up and saw my glitter, and asked me to sparkle her. So of course I glittered her chest. Afterwards she took my friend and I all around the concert (turns out, she was married to one of the musicians) and we had a blast. At the end, as we were saying goodbye, she turned to me, looked me dead in the eye and said,

“You are a light, it beams from within you. It is quite obvious that your parents love each other. You truly are their love child. You can tell that you are filled completely with love, it is your job to spread this love that beams out of you.”

My friend said that the woman had nailed me, than asked if I had listened to what she had said, because she couldn’t read the look that was on my face, and she wanted to make sure that I had.

I turned to my friend and assured her that I had taken it all in, and the look wasn’t me not believing, it was me acknowledging her accuracy in explaining me. It was I coming to terms with my destiny, and it was a look of humbled pride across my face.

Pride because my light had shown through.
And this lady was not threatened by me, or my looks, or my boobs, she was secure enough in herself to see a woman as wonderful as her in front of her and embrace it.

I believe this woman to be a Queen.

And it only took two minutes of talking to this lady to realize her royalty, fuck it, you could see it as she walked over, it flowed out of her like water gushes from a breaking dam.

As we walked around the venue I took as many mental notes as I could.

Lesson 1….
We all have a Light within and that shit is powerful.

I know that my light is powerful, we all have a light within us. We just need to pull the bullshit out of the way so that we can let it shine. Our light is our self love beaming through, once we truly love ourselves, and believe we do the best we can, we start to have that same faith in others. It is so much easier when we deal with our own issues and problems first…I feel people are so quick to judge other people and tell them what to do, but the real issue is the man in the mirror….. An example, I believe in the positivity of people, because I believe in the positivity of myself. The more we see the light within, the more obvious others people’s light becomes.

Lesson 2….
We are all Royalty.

That crack head selling on the corner……..a prince, a princess (even the new midget crack head dealer I’ve been seeing around) That random person you walk by on Ellis Street. The man in the 3 piece suit walking outside the Westin, even the silver robot homie he walks past...WE ARE ALL ROYALTY. I just think a bunch of us aren’t aware of our powers and in not realizing our own powers, we fail to realize others as well. We are not aware of what all of us are capable of doing……of the light we hold inside.

When you look at someone and think that they are a prince or a princess or etc….you have an automatic respect for them. It is inherit that we respect royalty………Royalty and Respect go hand in hand. And if we all respected each other and our beliefs and convictions for the simple fact that they are what keeps everyone going…… wellllllllll.

Lesson 3.
Right and Wrong are Intrinsive.

Thou shall not kill...really? we need a burning bush for this one.

Thou shall not steal...no shit Sherlock, did you have to pass third grade math to figure this one out. Come the fuck on people, we know when we have done something wrong.

Something truly wrong is when we do some selfish-not-thinking-crap that affects other people. If you just affect yourself, than you can consider it a lesson, you go fucking with other people’s path to righteousness and you are starting to screw the pooch.

We inherently know when we are being rude, or mean, or judgmental, we just become to wrapped up in our own bubble to acknowledge it.

When we fuck someone over, we are aware, don’t play dumb with me bitches……..

So we are all on a path to be a King or Queen, we just have to find it within ourselves and be fucking respectful along the way.

And be aware that no one is perfect, and the more room we give others for mistakes and fuck ups, the more we give ourselves…………and if we all just do the best we can with good intentions………well shit, we can all make it to the Promise Land.

Let’s walk together little children………


The Crocodile.

So this is a great move for working your ways through crowds, however a drink in your hand is not ideal.

Stick your two arms straight out, make teeth with your fingers, now bring your arms and hands together and apart, making the mouth go up and down. After about 10 times, when the mouth is open, stick your head in there and close the mouth, kinda wiggle your head around (gross and owwwwww, the one attached to your neck ding dong) Finally your head is free, and continue with the biting...go crocodile go……

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