Monday, June 27, 2011

Blog 32.........Are you Lucky or just Dumb........

Blog 32……………Are you Lucky or just Dumb……………

I read a story when I was young, I forgot what it was called or who the fuck wrote it, but it was about a society that was a utopia. Everything was awesomeness times 11, except for the fact that in order for everything to be so awesome, this one boy had to be locked up in a cage in a room, and as long as he was locked up and in pain, everything would be groovy for everyone else.

Sounds fucked up, right, and yet isn’t that life.

As I was a passenger in a car riding home from the Harmony Festival late night a few weeks ago, we passed a car that had been pulled over by the cops………and while I felt sad for the people that the cops were ticketing, part of my head thought, “I’m glad they got them and not me.”

Now I am well aware that it was rude as fuck for me to have thought that, but I am simply being honest here peeps.

I mean, were we just lucky, and the other person dumb……or was it our turn to be lucky and the next time it will be the guy pulled over who drives on by.

Were we pushing or luck? Isn’t life about pushing your luck……… And when you fail, are you simply living or just dumb?

I feel that I am a lucky ass person, I mean, some peeps are way luckier than I am, ummmmm....those who get to travel around the world, those in a great relationship, those who don’t count dollars to get morning tea, those with their dream job who didn’t waste years of their life trying to make some else’s dream job happen……………you all are lucky as fuck.

And I am lucky as fuck……I am an awesome & beautiful woman that actually realizes and sees that in myself, I live in a most wonderful city times 10, I am blessed to have the greatest family a girl could ever imagine to ask for and be witness to the phenomenal relationship my parents have (which kinda screws me for relationships because theirs is really that freakin awesome……….or am I just dumb cause I look at it like that) and OMG...have you seen my ass……that has got to be some luck baby.

I guess the reality of the situation is that we are all lucky as fuck………we are breathing, we have each other, we are obviously some what well off enough that we are reading this off a computer or some fancy ass phone that I personally have no idea how to use………how can we not be lucky.

When did things stop being lucky and start being dumb.
“I was lucky enough to wake up this morning”
“I woke up this morning”
“Can you believe my dumb ass woke up this morning”

I guess it is how you look at it…………

Maybe everything is both luck and idiocy rolled into one.

-I was DUMB enough to leave a relationship I had worked on for 10 years to think I deserved better instead of sticking it through and growing something life lasting.
-I was LUCKY enough to find the strength to leave a relationship that I was unhappy in and am blessed to be able to now live my life in the way I want and see fit and not anyone else’s ideologies.

-My DUMB ass has never been so lonely and introverted.
-My LUCKY ass had never felt more happy, beautiful or confident.

-Can you believe my DUMB ass lives in the Tenderloin, where I see on average Crack being smoked 25 times a day, get over 30 cat calls a day and have to walk around with a corkscrew out at night.
-Can you believe my LUCKY ass lives in the Tenderloin, where I am surrounded by over 25 art studios and over 30 restaurants (at least,) where I can pretty much walk to any part of this wonderful city and see all that it has to offer. And that unlike a lot of people, when I say, I live in the City....I fucking mean it.

We all have to be Dumb in order to be Lucky, we all have to be dumb to learn. And learning helps us not to “push” our luck, which in turn helps shift our luck in the right direction.

Is there such a thing as “dumb luck” or is it just the universe going……

”Shit Happens”

or as my amazing father says……”Shift Happens”



So ladies and gentlemen get your groove going, lean a little to the left, and shake it on down now, have you started to feel the beat, now just as you are about to hit the Sherlock………SOME CRAZY ASS FUCKING SHIT HAPPENS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU………stop mid-dance move, drop your mouth wide open, point……turn to the person next to you, did they see that………start explaining, you can't even talk, wow……I sometimes have to put both my hands on my knees to really absorb what I saw, shake it off……maybe hash on the pipe will help you comprehend, big hit time…………but remember peeps, this is life, so we got to keep on dancing, another hit....lean to the right, start to feel the beat again, and shake it on down now………………


  1. This post reminded me of the tale of the Chinese farmer, related here(in several versions):

    Always a pleasure reading your musings and I look forward to the day that I'm able to gaze upon the splendor of your magnificent ass, in person.

    Blessings & Best Wishes,

  2. Sunny, perhaps the story you remember was Harrison Bergeron, by Kurt Vonnegut?