Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blog 33..... A visit with Yoda

Blog 33 …………A visit with Yoda

As I hit the Sherlock and passed the pipe to my friend, he turned to me and said, “We are going to meet Yoda today, I wonder if he lives on the top of a hill with flowers where he sits and writes.”

As we passed the Lazy River Road and reached the final turn we began to ascend to the top of a steep hill, beautiful flowers adorned the house on the peak, my friend turned and said……”I knew it, my vision was correct.”

We all pilled out of the car and as we approached the bottom of the steps, a vision of Althea greeted us, an eloquent beauty from the inside out, a “pureness” dripped off her handshake. As we began to walk up the stairs Yoda peeped his head over the fence, a warm smile, a calming gaze, a vision of light. I felt blinded instantly by not only the veracity of what I was experiencing but also the emanating wonder that poured out of him. I was amazed to “almost” silence (I think it is impossible for me not to say anything)

Ladies and Gentlemen, if I have a light that shines from me, Yoda has a sun that shines from him, and is the source of our light, he has encouraged our growth with his light.

There were points in the afternoon that I had to stable myself in reality, because I had never seen one like this.

Yoda didn’t live in a Palace or a mansion, nothing was opulent, but simply perfect. As you walked into the beautiful home you felt the love that had happened here, the love that would still happen here. A warmth only a true family could build filled this house. It was obvious, They Love Each Other.

And the more of Yoda’s family and friends I met, the more humbled I was. The more “Presence” I experienced.

As I walked the terraced gardens, the smell of clarity was in the air. It Must Have Been the Roses, for it was sweet and divine, and filled my mouth with the taste of synergy.

Now Yoda knew how to eat, as any proper Yoda should. That food was fucking awesomeness times 11, totally. Talk about a spread, shut the front door. (there was also a princess that kept on filling my glass with some serious cocktails)

I felt like I was in the garden of fucking eden.

And as Yoda and his Angel Gabriel’s played by the pool…..I had a High Time taking it all in.

I looked around and made sure I had a mental picture of everything. The house at the top of the hill with mouthwatering views, the family style picnic table, the Scarlet Begonias, the throne chairs, the hill of lush landscapes and swings, the people, the love that they had between each other, it was a lesson on what life should be and could be, if you only let it.

There Comes a Time when, unfortunetly, you have to leave Yoda’s house. If I could only be a guitar hanging on his wall, a new notion of heaven has filled my head.

And as we left, one of my friends said something like, “he has created a life that should be.”

My visit with Yoda changed me……………

Like a Ripple, in still water.


To the right, to the left.

All right, so start by moving to the right, do it twice, now to the left, and repeat. Now lead with your right hand, give it a little twist, and again………move it to the left, shaking down now that hand, repeat...let’s get the legs involved, you know what to do, we be dancing and keeping it balance...whoop whoop bitches.

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