Monday, March 7, 2011

Blog 11...Lets talk about AWESOMENESS...lets talk about you and me, and the tenderloin.

Blog 11….Lets talk about awesomeness…lets talk about you and me…..and the tenderloin.

Thought One
I have noticed in recent conversations with others, how much they talk about other people, and issues they have with them. Instead of doing that, and talking about how you don’t like how someone does this, or says that, how bout you all just talk about how awesome
I am...…or you are…....or everyone is for that matter.
Instead of speaking down about someone because of how they choose to live their life, or what they do to get by and make themselves happy. Talk about what they do right. Let’s be honest, what works for one, does not work for another…and who are we to judge. One person might like on drug and the other can’t stand it…that doesn’t mean one is better than the other…we are all different peeps, stop judging and embrace it. And if you find yourself surrounded by people talking shit, I wanna hear…
..or say it about yourself, or the person people are talking about…how bout instead of all this negative energy (hippies are suppose to be positive) we simply put out good, and embrace people for who and how they are because that is what works for them, it is what helps them deal with life. If you feel you do it better, lead by example, don’t force, we all have to learn our lessons some way or another. And sometimes we have to learn from being a chicken fucker or from seeing one.
We all have a path that is our own. And my path and yours….is awesomeness.

Thought Two
Maybe the lady playing video games with the wall is winning.
Yes the tenderloin can be a very sad place…if that is how you look at it. As I walked home from the gym the other day I saw a lady shooting a wall in an imaginary video game. The friend I was walking with commented about how pathetic it was. I turned to him and said, “Why, she is not hurting anyone one, she is having a great time…and maybe, in her mind..she is winning.” I thought it was kinda awesomeness that in a world of TV and computers this chick still had an imagination left. I wanted to look at the brick wall and see if someone had painted one of those things that after you stare at it, pops out. Remember we are all awesomeness….EMBRACE IT.

Thought Three
Recycle this baby.
Living in the Tenderloin has given me a whole new perception on recycling. I used to recycle like a motherfucker, but living in the TL has simplified my recycling. You all might cringe at this first part, but hear me out. I don’t recycle in my house anymore..I just throw it out. Why…because I am keeping the crack heads busy. My trash get gone through no matter what, they don’t put out my recycling bins till the very end, and crack heads and homeless people make money off of my trash so I want to give them every opportunity to grab it and make some cash. I know that everything that can be recycled they will pull out and recycle it, and it will help them get by. The truth of the matter is I can’t even throw away stuff I want to. A perfect example of this is…...My cat peed on one of my dresses one time so I put that thing in the trash….gross….next day…crack head was wearing it…you know that shit smelled bad, still had the stain on it…I can’t even put shit in the trash if I tried.
Now if it doesn’t fit in the trash that is even easier..chairs, tvs, towels, books, what the fuck ever I put it on the street and in 30 seconds flat that shit is gone. Im thinking about getting rid of my elliptical exercise machine and I might just put in on the street. I have odd visions of a crackhead on the corner of Ellis having a blast on my elliptical with a big ole stupid smile. I might have to do it just so my image comes true and I can get a big kick out of it. TOTALLY…see there are parts to everyone and everything that are totally awesomeness.

So what the fuck is this ding dong trying to say.
Be positive damm it, it makes shit easier to deal with and kinda funny.
And life is funny, you can get grossed out that the chick is wearing a dress my cat peed on, or roll over laughing and get a good giggle. It is time we all come to the conclusion that in our own way we all Rock and WE ARE ALL AWESOMENESS…at least I am damm it.

It is just all in how you look at shit.

Side note…..
We are all awesomeness involves music to. I am over hearing people say that this kind of music sucks or that..stop judging…MUSIC IS ART and just cause it does not float your boat (maybe you didn’t even give it a chance, maybe you were to closed minded to even expand your mind.) no matter what, even if it is just the person who is performing, it is moving someone, it is important and a reflection of someone. If you don’t like it leave, but don’t just sit there and talk shit, that is rude.
Being rude is not awesomeness.
START BEING NICE…that is awesomeness.

I think that people who can’t see how great life is need to take a look at themselves and find the problem. When you start to have a positive view about life and everyone….shit becomes..guess what….

Getting Dressed (this is best after the “hop into the shower dance”)
Make sure you are all toweled all the right spots..tee hee hee. Slip on some panties, then put the bra on…you snap it in the front and twist it back. Make sure your tits are fitting in the bra, you might have to move some shit around. Now its time for the jeans..oh are they tight, give you ass a little shimmy and jump your way in. Suck it in and zip....Now the top, ohh come on, get it over those boobs…good god, now pull it down. Is it belt time..hell yes…loop it, buckle…give yourself a little shake it on down now…..check yourself out in the mirror….damm you look TOTALLY AWESOMENESS (it’s the only way to be…..)

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  1. you are the shit =which is just another way of saying TOOOOTALLY AWESOMENESS! Thanks for these amazing inspirational words of love and light!

    love love- brook