Monday, March 21, 2011

Blog 14....Good Morning Tenderloin


Good morning Tenderloin, man do you smell like piss today. Seriously, did it not just rain the other day, what is up with the intense build up of piss. I stopped drinking coffee cause of my psoriasis, and let me tell you, who needs coffee when living in the Tenderloin. I walked out of my apartment, saw a hooker’s ass hanging out of a van pissing, works way better than coffee, I don’t know if it’s in a good way…but I’m up bitches…totally.

I wonder if we could start a thing that encourages people to piss on like a two block radius of the tenderloin and rent is lowered like $200 a month for all those who have to smell…..hmmm some how I have a feelin that I would try for that and then it would be my street, isn’t that how that shit always works out….chicken fucker.

Now this morning is just like any other… why am I yelling “Good Morning Tenderloin”….it’s cause there has been a shift in my life.

I’m sure a lot of people are calling me a chicken fucker, I mean what could be so good about a Monday morning, it’s the beginning of the work week…a notorious ‘Manic’ Monday……but let me tell you something…I got a new job, and they are okay with me being me….it makes Mondays….sparkle.

Now in no way shape or form is it my dream job. I’m not writing a column or helping change the world, and I still have more than a handful of other jobs….I just quit one of my many jobs, but the change….i feel it…it brings a glow to me I have trouble explaining. (and no, I did not get new glitter)

As an old restaurant owner, it is hard for me to work in any restaurant that is not mine. The “Pride in my Work” is a hard thing to regain. It is difficult for me to work in any place, where there is a “chef” and not think of my ex-husband and his temper behind the line.

The job that I left…amoung not having a set schedule, having a chef that I would look in the eye and say “hi” and have him look at me and turn away, never saying “hi”, having my bras stolen and them telling me its my fault, my ass grabbed constantly, never being told how much of a good worker I am…never feelin the love…and on top of that…

Those bitches would not let me wear glitter or my feather earrings….chicken fuckers…times 10.

Their reasoning behind the “no glitter, no feather” rule was that since we were in North Beach and we get tourists…we wanted to make the customers from Utah and Kanas, feel like they were at home and we did not want to SCARE them.

First off…
What pussies are scared of glitter and feathers. I’m not walking around in a Friday the 13th outfit,(however you all do let me carry my corkscrew….tee hee hee) When the hell did a girl wearing glitter as eye shadow and colorful earrings start to freak people out. Nutt up and deal here peeps…we all can’t be the same…how boring.

Um, don’t people from Utah and Kanas come here to see something different..Isn’t one of the greatest things about this city is how we all express ourselves and have our own style. If they wanted to not be scared wouldn’t the tourist have gone to Nebraska…or stay the fuck home.

(here is a little side note…the customers loved my glitter…80% of them commented on how they like it, and asked where I got my earrings…not to mention my sales of SPARKLING WATER went through the roof)

Not to mention the fact…I am a damm good employee. I used to have to pay people…and having done this, I will be dammed if I am the type of worker that just stands around and talks.(when you have to pay people to work, it puts a whole new perception on shit) I will clean the gum off from underneath tables, I’ll clean all the hard to reach areas, I’ll organize, I will do whatever I can to work and not stand still…and I care.

I knew I had to leave my old job when I started not to care.

And as mentioned before my new job is not my ‘dream job’

Let be honest here people…what lucky fuckers have their dream job…not a lot.
The reality of the situation is that I have to work..6+ jobs. I have to make money to live and eat and do my thing. If I could live in fairyland where working was not needed, well….than awesomeness…but I live in the tenderloin. And remember peeps, reality is a bitch.

But….At my new job, they encourage me to be me, because the are aware that me rocks…and it encourages me, to rock it even harder.

I walk in and not only does the chef say “hi” but he also says……..”YEAH…it sparkles, with moonbeams and rainbows and unicorns shitting sparkles” I run around glittering customers that come back and request me, I have a pumpkin pen that flashes an orange light, I dance to the music, I get to wear glitter (please note, it is my day time glitter that I wear, not my night time glitter, there is a time and place for everything) And my feathers aren’t 3 earrings long, just one, I can compromise and still be me.

And they say “thank you” from the manager, to the chef, to the 3 owners, all of them have said thank you for me being the hard worker that I am, for my positive attitude, for my work ethic, they have all said how “awesomeness” it has to have me…how much I make the restaurant sparkle….no its not my dream job, but damm it feels good.

I have worked so hard to be me…to be a beacon of positiveity. To finally have people notice and not put it down as me being weird is a gift that I cherish. I don’t mind working harder, longer, caring for a place that normally I wouldn’t.

Having people except you for you and saying thank you for it is an amazing feeling, and something that we should bring out in everyone.

Please, Please, remember to say thank you….it is fucking important.

Trust me, I know from experience.

To sum it all up….
Find a place and people that lets you be you, you will be so much happier. Find a place that fits your mood, if people are angry and stern and wear St John’s Bay, it might not be the place for you (now granted, make it work, suck it up and deal until something better comes a long, because you gotta work and you might as well enjoy)…but never be afraid of something better, never stop looking for improvement…never stop searching for a place or thing that encourages you to be more you.
In turn, encourage people to be more them, to embrace who they are and all that is positive in them. People will start to sparkle and won’t even have glitter.

Remember what Ken Kesey said….
“The answer is never the answer. What’s really interesting is the mystery. If you seek the mystery instead of the answer, you will always be seeking. I’ve never seen anybody really find the answer-they think they have, so they stop thinking. But the job is to seek the mystery, envoke mystery……..The need for the mystery is greater than the need for the answer.”

I feel most people are unaware of the powers they hold within themselves….be encouraged to be you…be encouraged to be happy…and let the mystery unfold….and encourage it in others…

If you have that attitude, you can go anywhere, even the tenderloin….and find a most awesomeness mystery you never knew existed.

…When was the last time you did “The Bull”
This dance is oh so simple, I highly recommend not doing it to anyone holding a drink, you might get wet…just a heads up.
So you start by kinda pointing your right foot…ohhhhh, don’t forget your horns..take your two pointer fingers and give yourself a fierce set of take your pointed foot, and in a circular motion, bring your food back lifting your knee, kinda like you are kicking dirt (like a dog does after he shits)…then…CHARGE….you don’t want to hit anyone to hard, I usually aim for the bicep…but remember you are a bull, and a bull is not a pussy….and repeat…and as always, keeps your eye out for the matador…and glass pipes in pockets, they have been known to hurt.


  1. Sunny, I don't think you took it that way, but just to cover my ass ... I meant chickenfucker in both the spirit of your fine -by the way- Blog and well, we are all chickenfuckers... right!?!

    (well unless there are Mules involved:)
    Big Smile*

  2. i never take chicken fucker in a bad way, and i would never think you would think i am anything but awesomeness....because you are chicken fucker

  3. Hey there Sunshine!
    I am so happy to read you finally got out of that job working for those grab ass chicken fuckers! Go Girl! Love the blog!
    Steve from Simple Pleasures