Friday, May 20, 2011

Blog 25......Music is my Church

Blog 25……Music is my Church…….

Ladies and Gentlemen, did you see the preacher last night? He walked upon the stage and paced as his music emulated from his guitar, a sneer on his face, almost unable to comprehend the notes that his hands created, releasing them from his body with a vulgar elegance. Dispersing high-pitched notes that flowed like a river. And more preachers were on the stage……but instead of one being right or wrong, they were all right, and whether they let one stand out or became a collective beat…….the message was clear……..

A sermon was to be had.

I felt a current inside my blood, as each note hit, waves of sound went through my body, moving it in ways I had no control of, each note caused a twist, a turn, a shake….I felt the music through every pore and as each note left my body, I let it role off my fingertips and felt the next brimming in my feet.

As it continued I found myself in heaven. I had closed my eyes as the horn played and I was on a riverboat, sailing along, listening to the river rock my soul……….see that is my idea of heaven…..and last night, I saw it.

I often tell a musician I have just seen play,

“Thank You for taking me to Church….”

And I mean it.

I am not a fan of pushing my beliefs on anyone, and simply live my life and expect everyone else to do the same……………

So I will only state how I feel.

Faith is a hard thing to accomplish, and it is something I have lost many times along the path…….but music is the one thing that has always given me faith, and it is the one thing that has never let me down.

As long as there is movement, there is sound.

As long as I am here breathing there will be a sound with it, and it will be part of the song that is my life.

And knowing that something is a constant, makes it a lot easier for me to have faith.

Music is my religion because we all have a beat, we can either bounce along by ourselves or meet more beats along the way and create an orchestra.

Everyone we meet is a beat, a note, and can hit one person one way, and another person a whole new way. But they are still moved.

There is a beat to every aspect of life, we just have to find it.

When I hear music, I close my eyes and let the beat take my body away. And in that moment when I feel my mind go blank and the waves of sound rush through me…….I feel enlightened. The notes marry in my head, taking me to the next level of consciousness, like electricity running through my body, clarifying everything. And through out moments in my day I urn for that moment again, the feeling of weightlessness………the clarity of just the beat.

And in my church, there are different sects and beliefs, and they don’t always mesh the same, but they still move your body in one way, shape or form. As well as, one preacher always respects the other. Instead of fighting for who is right, they let the other step forward and give his beat, and they build off of that. They bring all their beets together and create a song.

And you see it in their faces when they realize what they have just accomplished, the grin, the nod, the helllllzzzzzzz yeah look in their eyes.

And as a member of the congregation, I feel it too, a stupid smile comes over my face, the ohhhh yeahhh feeling encompasses me, and I let the music play my body. And I see it in others, the beat moving them, their arms raised, shouting, yelling, grooving………I see them being taken away.

And when it ends, I feel cleansed, as pure as the notes that just penetrated my being.

I leave with a clear mind and a subdued soul, the beat never stops, I just have to remember that its exists.

It is there, always encouraging me to make a song….and the beat of the song, is just something I have to listen for.


Find your beat.

Either go find live music or put on a song, close your eyes, start to feel it in the base of your feet, and let it all go………the beauty of the beat…… is freedom.

*I have always said….”you can be upset about shit, or you can choose to boogie…….
At least that is the name of my song.*


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  1. I totally get this. Heaven is in the beat. Amen.