Monday, May 2, 2011

Blog 21.... 21 Things you may or may not Know about this Princess

Blog 21……..
21 things you may know or not know about this princess…..

1. I am a double Gemini born on Friday the 13th, it was a full moon, I am red headed and left-handed…..I am fucked peeps.

2. I shower 2-3+ times a day….I know, fucking nuts right, but how many times have I let you all know how I feel about SMELLING GOOD….its important, and I walk all over, I don’t want to be sticky if its hot, I used to have psoriasis, I don’t like my skin to feel weird, it freaks me the fuck out……they aren’t long showers, sometimes I say ‘I’m going to go dance’ and I spin a couple times in the water…..yes, I know, I’m fucking weird….but I also know, when someone says “You smell good,” I can say with confidence, “all over” ☺

3. Besides Butt walking and times of extreme cold (I mean 30 degrees or below) I wear flip flops…I even wore them in the snow when I went to Asheville. When I owned the restaurant, all I wore was high heels, I still have like 50 pairs (some from Paris I adorn my studio with) but after I sold the restaurant…it was strictly flip flops…..

4. I have 28 baseball hats, I love them. I usually have one in my purse for shows, so when the music gets really fucking dirty, I put the hat on. (I only really wear like two of them, I just have this addiction.)

5. You really want to get me off, finger me

6. I bought my first vibrator this year, I never needed or desired one before…I bought it at 3am in the morning, drunk as shit…the cashier still runs out to say ‘hi’ every time I walk by the store.

7. I only have one pair of jeans, I am a long dress girl, its just what I like. (and my legs are kinda purplish)

8. I speak Norwegian......what I can remember, It’s not by choice, I wanted to graduate college by a certain time and was in a community education program and had to register last….all the languages were full, except for Norwegian….anybody know how to say “chicken fuckers” in Norwegian…..

9. I am allergic to seafood and it really pisses me off.

10. My first concert was NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK, stop fucking laughing that is not nice, but it is freakin hilarious, isn’t it.

11. Besides one friend in my first high school, I never really felt like I had friends till my second high school when I was like 16. Everyone thought I was totally weird……duhhhhh.

12. My favorite author is Tim Dorsey…I love him times 10……reading his books make me laugh out loud…he writes about how fucked up Florida is, how can you not laugh.

13. I can recite “Annabelle Lee” by Edgar Allen Poe word for word.

14. I was pregnant once when I was married. I had a miscarriage, the doctor said with all the stress from owning the restaurant, I would never be able to carry a child to full term… long as I worked the way that I did, and carried all the stress I carried…it would never happen. I don’t think I could ever want or try to get pregnant again….I have pretty much put that out of my mind……I am to scared and fearful to go through that kind of pain and loss again.

15. My favorite thing to have first thing in the morning is fresh squeezed watermelon juice, I love it, it is better than any kind of coffee, yet somewhere in my head it always makes me think “this would make a great mojito.” Every time.

16. I don’t get paid money for all of my jobs, I am a firm believer in "bartering" and in helping my friends and family and I don’t mind giving my time to something that I love. Especially when it comes to music...I love to support the music and musicians that help me heal every time I go see them. I am also a firm believer that together, we can….and if we all supported and helped each other... make it to the Promise Land…….

17. My real name is Emily Rose Powers, I got Sunshine from selling clean socks at the “Hog Farm” in 99 in a bright yellow and orange dress……(I made bank selling freshies to all the wookies at the festival, still the best thing to sell) I left Humboldt because of an ex-boyfriend who kinda lost it when I left him….I told everyone I was moving to Vermont, except a few friends, and headed up to Eugene…and became Sunshine…..(I was young and did not know how small the world really is) Now, if you call me Emily, (if you are not my parents) I think you are a creditor and I will look at you with death dagger eyes….

18. I don't wear panties...(except during epic which case I bring at least two pairs)...I think this helps my "smelling good" action-ness

19. I cannot play any musical instruments…but my body is a musical instrument….at least that is what a musician told me once……..have you seen my ass dance.

20. I get a certain thrill out of harvesting a great buger out of my noise…..its like this feeling of relief.

21. Once when I blasted off, on an epic spaceship ride, the aliens told me I was “The Chosen One of Positivity.” And I believe them…….epicness in a spaceship ride…totally.

I am still a mystery, trust me…….and you can try to solve it, but you never will get it all, trust me...besides....what would be the fun in that.


I have never encountered this one, but I am told this is how it goes….

Reach out in front of you and start slowly pulling down the panties, get them off each foot, now smell…..REMEMBER, you have got to smell, cause if it smells bad….well that is bad, so you sniff and…ohhhhhhh nooooo they smell sooooooo bad. Plug your noise, hold the panties out in front, waving them back and forth trying to fan the smell out, no ding dong, that is just spreading the smell….ahhhhhhh.

See, maybe people should shower more.


  1. Well that was interesting to say the least. I ate brown rice from the hog farm at several 70's festivals. That was a nice memory. My first concert was The Young Rascals (not that you're really interested an old hippies stories) I live in Florida, and yes it is fucked up. You just have to find the right spots. The Keys are my favorites (no Key West) St Johns River and of course Wanee!! Keep wearing those thongs and smelling good. Peace

  2. I love old hippie stories, i want to go to wanee, and yes, i promise to smell good....totally

  3. Sunny, bravo! Your courage and openness amaze me. Big Like : )